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Transparent-C- is a program surrounding being a parent. A parent does not have to be biological, and does not have to specifically someone that you raised you. In this program, we will cover the different parenting styles, whether strict or laid back, and also discussions surrounding how parents shape the future of their children. There are different types of parents, we have biological parents, adoptive parents, gay parents, lesbian parents, god parents etc. parenting means that are you ready to be fully responsible for the well being of a minor and train them to be responsible people by instilling morals and values in them. This program teaches you how to be honest and open in dialogue with your children, and how to establish trust and build a bond. There is not a guide to being a parent, you are only teaching them what you know and what you feel they need to know to survive in life. We are here to support each other and learn from one another to establish similarities in parenting and things that our children go through and how we can be better examples for them.

Father and Son
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