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About Us

Building Gender Equity at Every Turn

Tranz of Anarchii, Inc. is dynamic organizations based in Northern California dedicated to public safety, healing, education, and awareness. Established in 2019, we support the wellbeing of Black, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+ individuals through a holistic approach that fosters inclusively and wholistic care.

Tranz of Anarchii, Inc. #Justice4TonyMcDade

Our Story

Our story starts with words. We picked "Tranz" because it has many meanings such as change and movement. We also chose "Anarchii" because it means thinking differently about rules and norms. 

We are here to help people change, grow, and feel empowered to thrive.

Omega Chuckii Tranz of Anarchii, Inc. Founder and CEO

Our Founder

Omega Chuckii, hails from the vibrant fusion of Chicago and Atlanta, affectionately dubbed "Chilantian." As an intersex Black/African American male, he passionately serves high-risk marginalized communities. Omega is a devoted father, an esteemed mentor, a visionary community leader, a strategist, a captivating keynote speaker, a tireless abolitionist, and an inspiring author. He founded Tranz of Anarchii Inc., focusing on enhancing the well-being of Black/African American/Indigenous Masculine TGI & LGBTQIA+ CIS gendered individuals. Omega is also the driving force behind T.R.A.P Ministriez, where meaningful teachings take precedence over empty preaching. Moreover, he established Z.A.M.M B.O.S.S consulting LLC, offering intersectional training on mental healing, wellness, behavioral change, and harm reduction.

Omega's academic journey includes a Master of Public Administration & Policy, and he's currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education and Organizational Leadership. His diverse skill set includes public speaking, mentorship, prevention and awareness training, resource connection, treatment and wellness services, and life coaching. He's the visionary Founder of S.P.L.A.S.H. (Special Place Living & Secure Housing), providing a safe haven for individuals undergoing rehabilitation and transition before, during, and after their encounters with the criminal justice system. Omega advocates for unity and the power of living authentically, leaving an indelible mark on his community through acts of giving and empowerment, building a foundation for a stronger, more inclusive society.

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