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T.R.A.P. Ministries, LLC
Testimony Reaching All People. 

Sunday & Wednesday

God, God, God, God, God, the name, the word the meaning or not. God the who, what, when, where, why and how. God is the one creator of this planet earth of which we currently reside. God is the truth the way and the light. God the great I am, the king of peace, the alpha and omega, and the great Jehovah. The curser, the hater, the punisher, the hated, the denied, the enemy. The healer, helper, friend, family, forgiving, grace, mercy, and love. When you speak the name God you are saying all things. You’re not just speaking a word you are speaking life and death. God is looked upon in so many ways, but all that matters is that he is looked upon. Not all humans believe in God until they have to. Whether you believe or not we all call upon God. For those that aren’t called upon will be before life’s end.  

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