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What is TOA?
Tranz of Anarchii, Inc. (TOA) is an organization committed to public safety and other transitional, rehabilitation, or correctional services, educational and awareness of all masculine persons and their related behavioral, mental, physical parental and sexual health issues. One of the main initiatives of TOA is our unique secure residential rehabilitation and transitional facility for the black families, LBGTQIA+ friends and allies. Established in 1984 in the state of Illinois and established as a nonprofit in 2019, TOA supports positive community relationships, the collective and individual safety of our community, the provision of diverse mental health services and the support of our Black and LGBTQ youth population. Ultimately, TOA encourages those impacted, all while providing a safe, comfortable, and impactful environment.

What does TOA do?
Tranz of Anarchii, Inc. (TOA) is here to provide services for continued rehabilitation and growth for all
individuals that have been affected by trauma, hurt, abuse, transition and incarcerated or have a recurring history within the prison system. We offer connection to programs that assist with educational learning on how to be productive self-sufficiency re-introduced to the community, get connection to job opportunities, life coaching, mentorship programs, and prevention awareness. The main goal of TOA is to establish a safe housing unit for those that have no where to go as well as offer all services such as mental health assistance, financial literacy, training opportunities to benefit professional and personal stability, and offer community service hours to get people more involved in community and comfortable with giving back.


What are the benefits of TOA?
Individuals can benefit from TOA because with this organization, we address needs that are not always the focus of other organizations, we do not necessarily cater to one individual age group, and we are open to assisting all sexual orientations and genders. TOA is here to assist those that have become marginalized, forgotten, and whose voices are unheard. TOA focuses on family, rebirth, rebuilding, and allowing people to be who they are and live in their truth without being judged etc.


Who benefits from TOA?
All individuals benefit from TOA. Cis-gendered males and females, Trans-gendered males and females, parents, children, all health statuses, and age groups accepted.

Why is TOA different?
TOA is different because we assist all individuals regardless of HIV status and do not cater to the negative individuals over the positive. Under TOA, we address the real issues that exist, and have a plethora of programs that teach individuals how to be successful or maintain life in 
different and difficult circumstances.


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