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Str8Gai is a program that has been established to provide a safe space for discussions surrounding sex and gender abuse. In the world of abuse, many think of the woman as being the victim and not the aggressor. In a Str8Gai society, we combine all worlds and come together and discuss all the different aspects that the roles of sex and gender play in abuse. Men can be victims, woman can be aggressors, and all genders are included (ie, cis-women, cis-men, transwomen, and transmen).

Abuse is not just physical, so in this program we also discuss the other types of abuse such as, mental, spiritual, verbal, financial, emotional, and sexual. We speak about gender roles and the evolution of how gender roles have changed so much.

Abuse is something that has been around for centuries, so I wanted to establish this program for those open to discussing their experiences, those who are afraid and do not know how to escape an abusive relationship, and for those in need of resource connections and safe havens.

Happy Couple
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