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Tranz of Anarchii Incorporated, is to detoxizine the overall spectrum of MASCULINITY within humanity by healing, empowering, and bringing awareness to related issues; such as behavioral, mental, physical, parental, sexual, spiritual, and financial health.

Tranz of Anarchii Inc. is committed to serving the holistic needs of the Black/African American/Indigenous  masculine TGI & LBGTQIA+ CIS GENDERED population in the USA and around the world.

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Tranz of Anarchii Inc. is committed to serving the holistic needs of the masculine African American population in the state of California and across the US. One of the organization’s major initiatives will be a secure residential rehabilitation and transitional institution by the name of SPLASH (special place living and secure housing) for all genders, underserved minority groups, and their families. Additional programming includes educational seminars, community balls, resource fairs, workforce and educational training, life coaching, rehabilitation initiatives, financial literacy, system navigation, disability services, peer services, mindfulness, and spiritual awareness.

Tranz of Anarchii Inc. prides itself on providing services in a safe, comfortable, and results driven environment. There are also abilities to connect to masculine/brotherhood resources such as Greek organizations, and mentorship programs.




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Tai’Rance S. Kelly Sr., better known as Omega Chuckii, a “Chilantian”, which is a cross between Chicago and Atlanta. He is an intersex black/African American male that works with high-risk marginalized community members. He is a God fearing man, a father, a mentor, a community leader, a server, strategist, keynote speaker, an abolitionist, a author  and an activist. He founded his own organizations, Tranz of Anarchii Inc., in which he focus on strategies to improve the health and livelihood of the Black/African American/Indigenous Masculine TGI & LGBTQIA+ CIS gendered community. As well as T.R.A.P Ministriez where you get your much needed teaching and not unnecessary preaching. Lastly, Z.A.M.M B.O.S.S consulting LLC, intersectionality training on mental healing, wellness and behavioral and harm reduction. He has earned his Master of Public Administration & Policy and he is currently a doctorial candidate working towards his Doctor of Education and Organizational Leadership. He offers services such as public speaking, mentorship opportunities, prevention and awareness training, connection to other resources, treatment and other wellness services, and life coaching skills. He is also the Founder of S.P.L.A.S.H., (Special Place Living & Secure Housing), in which there is a safe place for individuals to be rehabilitated, transitioned and prepared for re-entry into the community before, during, after the trauma, hurt, abuse, and transition of systems and incarceration. He embraces the need for unity and standing in one’s truth. He enjoys giving back and laying the foundation to create a stronger community. 

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