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Mentalii Abused Nation

M.A.N.- is a program set up to break the stigma in the African American community surrounding mental health. Black individuals look at mental health as a weakness, a disorder, and that it makes a person “crazy” when that is not the case. Mental health is something very natural and normal, and every person has experienced some form of mental health in their life and some people live with it forever. It takes a strong individual to seek out help and get the resources that are available to them to keep their mental state at a controlled space. Being a consumer of mental health does not mean that all symptoms are the same in every individual. There are mild cases, severe cases, and extreme cases of mental health, but it can be managed and we need programs like this to show our black community that there are resources and to also reprogram our narrative surrounding mental health. It is not a disability, it does not make anyone less of a human, and we should not allow our people to be shunned and began to self mutilate or commit suicide. Let’s heal or nation.

Three Generations
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