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Transitional & Redevelopmental Housing

Apartment Building

Redevelopment Housing

TOA transition center program enables individuals housed and unhoused in county jails, transition centers, shelters, and programs to be healed for community reentry. We offer connection to programs that assist with educational learning on how to be productive self-sufficiency re-introduced to the community, get connection to job opportunities, life coaching, mentorship programs, and prevention awareness.

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Rehabilitation helps to minimize or slow down the disabling effects of chronic health conditions, we address needs that are not always the focus of other organizations, we do not necessarily cater to one individual age group, and we are open to assisting all sexual orientations and genders. TOA is here to assist in the rehabilitation of those that have become marginalized, forgotten, and whose voices are unheard. TOA focuses on family, rebirth, rebuilding, and allowing people to be who they are and live in their truth without being judged etc.

Q: Who benefits from TOA?

A: All individuals benefit from TOA. Cis-gendered males and females, Trans-gendered males and females, parents, children, people living with HIV or regardless of HIV status.

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