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The Full Story

The organization name stems from the abbrev definition of Trans. Which is define as translated, translator, and transportation. Second define is over, across, beyond and through. The word anarchy is define as the absence of government, political disorder and violence; disorder, confusion.

Tranz is spelled with a z at the end because it’s the end and beginning of a transition. However, whoever or wherever and whenever we must get there we will and want to get there by any means necessary. For us to get places we must transition through it all mentally, emotionally, spiritually, sexually, and physically.

In order to transition for self, one must be willing to go against the Anarchii of self, labels, stereotypes, government, political disorder, violence and confusion. In order to heal the Anarchcii, one must open mind and heart to the trauma, hurt, and pain. Tranz of Anarchii with ii, because it takes you and I; is being willing to go up, down, across, and through by any means necessary to mentally heal and promote sexual and healthy living for Black/African American/Indigenous masculine TGI & LGBTQ+ CISGENDERED human beings.

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